Apr 20, 2019

A big birthday shout out to my fellow world runner, Tony Mangan, who is currently walking around the world. Tony has just arrived back in China to take up where he left off prior to a quick trip home to …Continue reading

Apr 17, 2019

On Monday I finally got around to running a time trial in Centennial Park. It was my first since last July – a time trial in which I hurt my Achilles. On that occasion I ran 15:40, which is one …Continue reading

Apr 14, 2019

Today’s photos from my world run are were taken around the Albuquerque region and a little further north, near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (part of the Rockies). The shots in which I’m wearing the long sleeved white top are …Continue reading

Apr 11, 2019

After a solid period of running without any Achilles issues, I think it’s time for a time trial around Centennial Park again. It’s always been a good way for me to gauge my form. I’m thinking early next week might …Continue reading

Apr 8, 2019

I’ve just spent a weekend in Gundagai on the Tour de Bois mini tour. It was a great few days, including the rides, although my lack of any recent cycling resulted in me feeling the hills a bit. But I …Continue reading