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Dec 5, 2022

For variety, I ran a faster 1500 metres last Friday, comfortably stopping the clock in 6:12. I’m confident I could go under six minutes, but will leave that for another time. Interestingly, it was almost exactly two minutes slower than …Continue reading

Nov 28, 2022

As has become usual for me over the past couple of months, I ran another fast kilometre last Friday, this time covering it in 3:50. That’s my fastest since 17 Sept 2021. Considering the extra kilos I’m carrying at the …Continue reading

Nov 21, 2022

Without too much effort at all, I managed a 3:58 km on Friday. That’s only 40 seconds shy of the 3:18 I ran in September of last year (my 60+ PB). And I was 8 kg lighter then. I reckon …Continue reading

Nov 14, 2022

No fast kilometre this past week, as I was on the annual Tour de Bois, albeit a shorter version this year. Having cycled a couple of hundred kilometres over three days, with no cycling training whatsoever, has resulted in a …Continue reading

Nov 7, 2022

My gradual improvement in speed continues, with a 4:09 km last Friday. Again, it was pretty comfortable, although I am starting to notice I breathe more heavily during these efforts. It won’t be long and I’ll be back below 4 …Continue reading

Oct 31, 2022

Another running article below, which may, or may not, settle any arguments as to which is better for you – running or walking. As for my running, I did manage a 4:22 km on Friday, finishing just slightly out of …Continue reading

Oct 24, 2022

Below is another in the series of running articles I’ve written, this one on how you can use running for weight loss. As for my own running, I’ve been throwing in some faster stuff once a week, although I’m doing …Continue reading

Oct 17, 2022

I reached a minor milestone last week, passing 175,000 km of running since I started logging my mileage on 14 Feb, 1983. That’s 14,490 days, during which I have averaged 12.08 km per day. I estimate I’ll hit the 200,000 …Continue reading

Oct 10, 2022

This week’s running post is about eating before running. You’ll find it below. As for my running, there are some encouraging signs in regard to my right heel. However, I’ll continue to refrain from expanding on the topic for now. …Continue reading

Oct 4, 2022

Below is the latest instalment in my series of running articles.   Setting Goals to Improve Your Running Some runners are happy to jog at a comfortable pace, reach a reasonable level of fitness, and simply enjoy their time on …Continue reading