Jan 20, 2018

I’m more and more convinced that all my lower leg and Achilles issues are due to the problem with my pelvic region. Everything feels pretty good at the start of a run, other than the hip weakening very quickly. It …Continue reading

Jan 18, 2018

I’m really looking forward to this appointment I have with the hip and pelvic specialist next Tuesday. It will be the make or break as to whether I make it on to the starting line of the King Island race …Continue reading

Jan 16, 2018

About a year before I began my world run, I was suffering from an ache in my right pelvic region, especially when I sat. I couldn’t feel it much when I ran, though it seemed to be creating weakness in …Continue reading

Jan 14, 2018

Things are gradually getting back to normal, though it has been a difficult time. My mother’s funeral is on Wednesday. I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied in various ways, including running. I’ve actually managed 220 km in the first …Continue reading

Jan 11, 2018

Those who were following my world run back in the early days of 2012, when I was running through California and Arizona, will remember that our friend Jenny was travelling with us at the time, along with Libby. Jenny and …Continue reading