Aug 28, 2019

On Monday I did a bit of traditional speed work. It wasn’t a lot – just a 250 metre hill at about 95% effort, followed by 3 x 200 metres (37.5, 37.6, 36.8). I had no problems with my lungs. …Continue reading

Aug 25, 2019

It’s 15 years today since I last had a day off from running. The last day I didn’t have a run was back on August 25, 2004. Since that time I’ve averaged 17.2 km per day, although that average was …Continue reading

Aug 23, 2019

I was back on the road in the state of MississippiĀ  on this day back in 2012, having crossed from Tennessee just south of Memphis. It was a period of the run where dogs regularly decided to follow me. It …Continue reading

Aug 19, 2019

I ran a very comfortable 1 km in 3:41 this morning, as part of a much longer 19 km run. I’ll add a bit more later this afternoon to the distance for the day. To go much faster than that, …Continue reading

Aug 16, 2019

Seven years ago I was back in Australia briefly to renew our visa waiver requirements for the US. Having stopped in Arkansas, just west of the Mississippi River at Memphis, we were soon to return to restart my run around …Continue reading