Apr 1, 2012

Distance today = 43.52 km; Total distance = 4351.75 km; Location = Cahone – 37 39.196′ N, 108 48.495′ W; Start time = 0831, Finish time = 1501


The weather today was atrocious. I was greeted by a cold gale-force wind this morning, which was in my face all day. When trucks passed me, they would whip up a mix of small gravel rocks and dust, which would sting as they hit me at high speed. I’m glad I had planned a shorter day than usual, as the wind appeared to be increasing as the day progressed.

However, despite all this, I had a good day, both physically and mentally. And it was also only the second time I’ve run the whole day at over 2,000 metres in elevation. With all this altitude training, I reckon it won’t be long before I’m fit.

I am now in Colorado, although not for too long. In a few days time I will reach New Mexico, where I’ll run for the following week or two.

No photos today, as the excessive wind gusts made it difficult and dangerous for Carmel to be handling a heavy camera and trying to keep it still enough for the shots.

Remember, while the tracker is temporarily out of action, you can view where I am by clicking on the Garmin link above, or by copying the latitude and longitude coordinates at the top of this page and pasting it into Google Earth.