Apr 10, 2015

Kevin Carr has now finished his run around the world, and with his time of 621 days, he has broken my world record by one day. Kevin has performed amazingly over the past month in particular and really deserves the record. I have already called Kevin to offer my congratulations, though haven’t managed to speak with him yet. No doubt, like when I finished, he is absorbed with various interviews and the like. I will catch him some time soon though. Well done, mate.

I was actually asked yesterday, somewhat out of the blue, to appear in an interview about Kevin’s record with ABC TV. Being in Canberra for the Anzac Ultra, I did the interview in the ABC studios in Parliament House. It was nice to see the concept of running around the world and the associated world record given such prominent attention.

And more news – the Australian and New Zealand edition of Runners World magazine, featuring my world run, is now in the news stands. While there are some similarities, it is also quite different in several ways to the US edition. If you get a chance, check it out.

I’m now off to the Anzac Ultra. Watch the web site for updates on theTwitter feed, and the Tracker for my position.


On This Day


Apr 10, 2012

Distance today = 32.34 km; Total distance = 4815.04 km; Location = Albuquerque, New Mexico – 35 06.244′ N, 106 40.274′ W; Start time = 0859, Finish time = 1345


Sorry folks, but this is my second post of the day. As I mentioned yesterday, I messed up the menu bar. This has now been fixed by my wonderful sponsor, Next Digital. However, while I backed up the posts from previous days, I forgot to do so with my post from this afternoon. Therefore, I will write a quick summary of it now.

In brief, my first exposure to Alburquerque was over forty years ago, when Bug Bunny “shoulda taken a left at Albu-koi-kee”. I’ve kinda wanted to visit the city ever since, and today didn’t disappoint. I ran in along a cycle trail that paralleled the Rio Grande. There were strong hints of Europe in many of the things I saw and smelled. Great weather and a great day. I even got to take that left turn that Bugs missed.

It was a planned short day, so I should be feeling alive tomorrow.

I am working on providing a map facility on the web site that shows exactly where I have already run. This has been produced by the amazing Jimbo. It’s coming soon, so stay tuned.

As of today I will essentially be heading north for the next couple of months (with an easterly component, of course). Lots of great running to come.

PS Does anyone know of any other real places that Bugs Bunny visited, besides Albu-koi-kee?


Apr 10, 2013

Distance today = 52.63 km; Total distance = 19,278.83 km; Location = Dacice, Czech Republic – 49 05.057′ N, 15 26.229′ E; Start time = 0822, Finish time = 1714


Today was marked by variable weather. It was cold at times, though the temperature reached the mythical double figures for a while. I’d forgotten just how hot 10 C feels – well, it does when you’re running with three layers on.

It wasn’t just the temperature. The skies ranged from overcast to brilliant sunshine, to heavy rain, to hail, then back to bright sunshine. And all within the space of an hour or so.

I also reached what I think was the highest altitude I’ve been at since the Pyrenees, and there was a full ground cover of snow up there. The ponds and small lakes were completely frozen over too.

The highlight of the day was the town of Telc. It has a main square that looks as original as it must have two hundred years or more ago. The buildings are in exceptionally good condition, and create a beautiful sight for a weary world runner’s eyes. Have a look at the photos to see what I mean.