Apr 18, 2013

Distance today = 51.05 km; Total distance = 19,616.54 km; Location = Tatabanya – 47 35.069′ N, 18 23.937′ E; Start time = 0903, Finish time = 1747


It just keeps getting hotter. Today the temperature reached 27.6C, according to my thermometer, and I had been keeping it in the shade. And the skies were completely blue all day. It looks like our friends have brought some Australian weather with them.

The only downside to the day was the roads. It’s always difficult to know whether a road will be busy, when all you have is a line on a map. Today we struck little in the way of cycle paths, and the roads were too busy for it to be a truly enjoyable day of running. All the same, one of the guys was with me all the way, with Dave running 32 km, and The Hud doing 23 km (at times they were both running with me). The girls met us at various places along the way, and prepared a lovely lunch that we ate on a picnic bench.

Dave and I struck a rough patch after lunch, when we ended up on a very uneven dirt road that was extremely hard on the feet. We even had to crawl under a fence at one stage, when Google Maps led us up a tractor path next to a row of grape vines.

Now, just for a little background – the three of us running today are the original core members of the MRA – the Maroubra Runners Association, a running club formed by The Hud in early 1983, to help us train for the inaugural Australian Marathon. Who would have thought, from those humble beginnings of 30 km training runs on Saturday mornings ahead of a scrambled eggs brunch with the girls, that the same three guys would now be running through the countryside of Hungary, meeting the same three girls for meals along the way?