Apr 20, 2018

It’s a somewhat special day in the realm of world running and walking, as today is Tony Mangan’s birthday. Tony, who has previously cycled and run around the world, is now in the middle of a walk around the world – www.myworldwalk.com. He’s currently in central Queensland, and will be celebrating his birthday this evening in the town on Winton. I believe he’ll be having a few Guinness’s, as is the custom for an Irishman. Happy birthday, Tony.

As for me, it’s just a normal day. I will crack the 100 km mark for the week again, but there’s nothing special in that these days.

More interesting are these photos from Colorado from my run around the world. The first was taken six years ago yesterday near the town of Monte Vista, the second one six years ago today approaching the town of Saguache, and the third was taken six years ago tomorrow in the town of Salida – yes that’s a giant margarita, and yes, I’ve posted that photo before.