Apr 21, 2013

Distance today = 50.80 km; Total distance = 19,767.73 km; Location = Kecskemet – 46 54.537′ N, 19 41.533′ E; Start time = 0846, Finish time = 1655


We had a final dinner last night with Jo, Dave, Sue, and Greg (The Hud), and this morning, bid them farewell. They’ll all be back in Sydney by the end of the week, but we’ll be seeing them again in June. The guys really helped me with the running this past week. Both of them ran more in one week than they have for decades.

I began my run in the small town of Kakucs, under more cloudless blue skies. It seems like the weather is trying to make up for what it put me through earlier. Today’s high was 29C.

It was another very flat day, as I made my way through green Hungarian farming country. I was on a dirt road for a while, then found a cycle trail for about 13 km, although this disappeared for the final 12 km.

It appears the Hungarians love their motorcycles. I saw numerous very fast bikes, clearly going far above the speed limit, some of them even on one wheel. I would estimate that two of them were doing about 250 kph on the freeway, as I passed over the top on the flyover.

It feels good to now be more than three-quarters the way to the finish of my world run. The last quarter will feel like the last lap of a track race – still some work to do, but the finish line will soon be in sight.