Apr 22, 2015

The unbelievably wild weather has continued in Sydney, resulting in me getting drenched again this morning when I ran. At least the wind has let up today, although the rain is just as intense, with localised flooding everywhere. The cyclonic conditions the previous two days were exactly that – a cyclone. We’re used to associating cyclones with the tropics, but this was simply a sub tropical cyclone – an intense rotating low pressure system with winds of 135 kph, classifying it as a Category 2. Makes for interesting running, just like during Hurricane Sandy.

Tony Mangan has come up with an interesting idea. As there are now four runners who have completed a fully documented run around the world, he has suggested we form a relay team to run the world. At this stage it’s not clear whether that would entail each of the four of us running a continent each, or all four rotating during each day all the way around the world. Sounds like an interesting idea, but if it happens it will be crucially dependent on sponsorship.

Today’s photo is a classic desert shot. I took this while running in Utah.  Places like this are really great to run. But if that’s not your forte, it would be just as good to walk, cycle, drive, or whatever else takes your fancy.




On This Day


Apr 22, 2012

Distance today = 51.15 km; Total distance = 5418.01 km; Location = Buena Vista, Colorado – 38 50.489′ N, 106 08.064′ W; Start time = 0931, Finish time = 1705


If you haven’t already done so, before you start reading today’s blog, do yourself a favour and check out the latest photos (sorry, but it will now be quite a task finding these among the Photos section), particularly the photos of the giant margarita.

OK, now that you’ve seen this mega-sized concoction, let me tell you the story. It was suggested to us, by Rick at Saguache, that we visit the Boathouse Cantina in Salida. So that’s where we went last night. The town of Salida itself is another gem, with an “old town” that is really worth seeing.

With a balcony perched over a mountain stream, the Boathouse Cantina is very inviting. And I just had to try the giant margarita, which is the size of six regular margaritas. I consumed it before, during, and after dinner. Needless to say, I was a touch fuzzy this morning, but otherwise felt and ran strongly all day.

Being a Sunday morning, there was almost no traffic coming down the Poncha Pass. It was all very serene and quiet when I started; so much so, that I startled a bunch of deer, which raced off into the bush.

The rest of the day passed enjoyably but without event, as I ran up a picturesque valley to the town of Buena Vista.

Having downloaded the Garmin data this afternoon, I noticed that the link is only showing graphs and maps of the first 31 or so kilometres of the day, even though it acknowledges the total was 51.15 km. The Garmin watch is also refusing to save my position, forcing me to record it on paper at my finishing point, before inputing it into my computer records. These little glitches, along with the Garmin site’s refusal to upload the data from a few days ago, are starting to become a worrying trend. I hope it is not an indication the GPS watch is on the blink. That is certainly something I don’t need.


Apr 22, 2013

Distance today = 51.46 km; Total distance = 19,819.19 km; Location = Kistelek, Hungary – 46 30.314′ N, 19 57.948′ E; Start time = 0836, Finish time = 1652


Despite running on busy roads with little shoulder all day, I actually had a pretty enjoyable time out there. I did strike a good bike path, but it only lasted about 5 km.

It was the flattest day I can recall for some time. Perhaps there might have been a flatter one in Argentina, but it wouldn’t be by much. I hadn’t realised Hungary is so flat, at least where I’ve run. It is also very green and fertile, and reminds me visually of central NSW or northern Victoria. I often have to remind myself that I’m not on the Tour de Bois.

The low-light of the day was having a truck come past that was spraying herbicide on to the grass and weeds by the roadside. Although he stopped spraying as he passed me, there was still plenty of white vapour in the air for a few seconds, and it was difficult to avoid breathing it in. I can hold my breath for a while during running, but eventually I have to breath. I hope I didn’t get too much of it in my lungs. I know the driver, with his gas mask on, didn’t!!!