Apr 23, 2019

I ran another lap of Centennial Park this morning, despite having felt very much below par over the past few days. Once again, I was comfortable throughout, but this time I stopped the clock at 15:58, which was 24 seconds faster than last week. I’m making progress.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the US for ten days for work. I will be in two locations that I ran through during my run around the world – Connecticut and Boulder, Colorado. I’ve been back to Connecticut once since the world run and enjoyed reliving it by running some of the same sections. This time I’ll certainly be doing the same there and in Boulder. I recall my run through that town very fondly. It was a lovely sunny day, with the Rockies looming high up on my left.

Lots of photos today from this time in 2012 when I was running through the Rockies in southern Colorado. It was a beautiful region in which to run, as you’ll see. There’s also a video from 9,000 feet elevation. You can hear how I’m breathing a little heavier than normal as I ran to the top of the pass at that altitude. You’ll also see a couple of photos from later that evening, when I celebrated with the biggest margarita I’ve ever had.