Apr 24, 2014

Sorry for taking so long since the last blog. I’ve been out in the countryside for the past few days without internet.

But my running has continued unabated. If I haven’t been increasing the speed, I’ve been doing long runs. I ran 34 km on Tuesday at Coonabarabran, at an equivalent of a four hour marathon pace. I was very pleased with that. Today was just 7 km, but I finished the last kilometre in 4:22, the fastest I’ve run in nearly six months. Needless to say, the rehab is going very well and is just about complete. I still feel the tear quite often, but the faster I run, the less it hurts – figure that one out.

Tomorrow week is the Oxfam 100 km Trailwalker event. I’ll do another longish run on the weekend. Other than that, it’ll be short sharp runs, easing off during next week.

Thanks to those who’ve donated to Oxfam through our team. The team name has been changed from Ouch to Dorjee’s Peak. The reason for this is important. My other team mates, John, Paul, and Ringo (seriously)¬†went on a Himalayan trek while I was running around the world. Their guide was Dorjee, a Nepalese guy who impressed them all no end. Unfortunately, Dorjee was killed in the recent Everest avalanche, so our team will be honouring Dorjee as part of our Trailwalker effort. Please try to donate via the link below.