Apr 26, 2022

The world run offering today is from Serbia. After an extremely cold few months of running, it really got very hot by the time I reached Serbia. It was a nice change, though, and I wasn’t complaining.

As for the present, I continue to enjoy running in Karratha and, over the weekend, in Point Samson, near Roebourne. It has been even hotter than Serbia was, but a nice change from the regular rain we’ve had in Sydney the past few months.


Apr 23, 2013


Distance today = 52.60 km; Total distance = 19,871.79 km; Location = Horgos – 46 09.119′ N, 19 57.887′ E; Start time = 0839, Finish time = 1752


Just a short report today, as I had a late finish due to a border crossing.

It was a long day, fighting the traffic on narrow roads, but the continuing good weather helped. Right near the end of the day, I crossed the border from Hungary into Serbia. It was interesting, as I ran up to the window next to Carmel, who was driving. The border guards don’t get many people approaching their windows on foot.

I ran a short distance on to the town of Horgos, where I called it a day. I’ll give a more comprehensive update tomorrow.


Apr 24, 2013


Distance today = 51.00 km; Total distance = 19,922.79 km; Location = Mali Beograd – 45 53.463′ N, 19 38.038′ E; Start time = 0827, Finish time = 1707


More lovely Serbian countryside today. The skies were again cloudless, and the terrain was flat. Once again, the countryside, with its yellow canola and bright green fields, reminded me uncannily of riding the Tour de Bois. I think it’s the smell of spring in the air too – it’s exactly the same time of year as the Tour.

I was pleased to knock over 51 km by 5 pm, as it was again a SIM card day, and that process tends to take a big chunk out of my day. Half way through the day I stopped in the large town of Subotica, where Carmel had gone ahead to “suss out” SIMs. The standard international carriers – Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange etc. – don’t appear to operate in Serbia, so we had to go with a local company, MTS. After our experience in France with SFR, I was very concerned, but MTS seem to be fine.

It reached 30C this afternoon, but I appear to be handling the heat very well. I guess it’s because the humidity is still low. This will not be the case in a month, when I’m running in South-East Asia. Yes, it’s that soon!!!

Perhaps we’ve just been lucky so far, but I am tempted to say that the Serbian people – at least those we’ve experienced so far – have been the friendliest of any we’ve met so far on the world run. That’s saying something, as most people have been very friendly. Let’s see how that pans out over the next week or so.


Apr 25, 2013


Distance today = 50.37 km; Total distance = 19,973.16 km; Location = Sirig – 45 28.614′ N, 19 47.764′ E; Start time = 0827, Finish time = 1704


A very tough one today – I wasn’t 100%, suffering from mild stomach cramps, the roads were shocking, and the temperature reached 33C (91F).

I knew I was in for a hard day when I awoke feeling like I needed another few hours of sleep. Early on, I was constantly yawning on the road. Then the issue with the stomach started, although it was more of an annoyance than a problem.

The day got tougher as it heated up, and the roads did me no favours. The last part of the day was the worst. The heavy traffic and lack of shoulder to run on was as bad as it gets. I won’t go on anymore about it – you must be sick of hearing me complain about no road shoulders. Suffice to day, it’s days like this that make me feel I will have “earned my stripes” for this run around the world.

The hotel we’re staying in has no internet, so I’m writing this in a café down the road. I need a shower, so I’m going to sign off, but not before wishing everyone in Australia a Happy Anzac Day (although it’s a bit late now).


Apr 26, 2013


Distance today = 50.82 km; Total distance = 20,023.98 km; Location = Indija (6 km north of) – 45 05.876′ N, 20 02.173′ E; Start time = 0759, Finish time = 1622


If things really do come in threes, then today was all about three 20s. I reached 20,000 km, I passed 20 degrees east of the Greenwich Meridian, and the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs scored 20 points in their thumping NRL win over arch-rivals, Manly.

I felt much better today, setting out, yet again, under cloudless skies and amid forecasts of temps in the 30s. The road early on was shoulderless, but the afternoon roads were a lot better. As I traversed the city of Novi Sad, I reached the huge milestone of 20,000 km. I vividly recall reaching 10,000 km in Missouri, with Hannah as part of the support team at the time. Now I’ve doubled that.

We have again struck amazing Serbian friendliness. Carmel was given, not one, but two free coffees this morning, first by the barista, Dino, then by his customer friend, Bato. She says they could not have been more friendly. Then this afternoon, while I was stopped for a drink at the car, a man came up and gave us a stainless steel bottle opener key ring, with the Serbian crest on it. He simply said “From Serbia”. He just wanted to give us a gift from his country. Amazing!!!

During the afternoon I struck my first decent hill in more than a week. When I reached the top and looked down the other side, I was met with one of the best rural views I’ve seen for a long time. On the vast Danube alluvial plain, the crops just went on and on. Wheat fields of the deepest green, interspersed with canola of an equally brilliant yellow, and brown fields of newly plowed earth, ready for sowing.

A good day was topped off when I received the news of Souths 20-12 win over Manly. The Rabbitohs are now firmly ensconced in second position on the ladder.

Tomorrow we are due to meet up with a crew from Channel 9 in Australia, who will do some filming of my run. Stay tuned for more on this development.