Apr 29, 2018

My thigh strain is proving to be more of an issue than I’d hoped. It’s just a minor strain but, as is always the case, when one muscle isn’t working properly, others do work they’re not designed for, which leads to problems. In this instance, it’s my ilio-tibial band where it attaches to the outside of the knee and  few other muscles around the knee. I suspect a bit of physio will help.

I’ve just arrived back from three days in Melbourne, which was a combination of work and the 50th birthday of Paulie Geason. I’ve run a couple of Oxfam 100 km events with Paulie, as well as last year’s King Island 32 km race. It was a great occasion, although I think I may have overindulged a little too much in the delicious red wine on offer at the party.

Another photo from six years ago (not quite to the day on this occasion, though). This was taken at The Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs. There were many rocky monoliths like this within the park – a great place for a run.