Apr 29, 2019

This morning I had a nice run in Boulder, Colorado, including 4 km along the exact same sidewalk I ran during the run around the world back in 2012. In fact, on that occasion I was running on Apr 30, which happens to be tomorrow seven years hence. It’s one of the rare pieces of the world run course that I’ve had the pleasure of running again. I also got to travel along another 10 km of the course in a cab this morning, including the section you’ll see in the attached video, which is on the road from Golden to Boulder. Seven years ago it was a lovely warm and sunny day – today, however, it’s snowing.

The photos are from the days leading up to me reaching Boulder, with the fourth photo being from the Golden to Boulder stretch of highway. For those who are unaware, besides being the site of much of the US activity in renewable energy (NREL, or the National Renewable Energy Lab is here), Boulder is also a hotbed for local and international athletes for high altitude training. But, it’s also the setting for the 70s series Mork and Mindy. Robin Williams would have known the town well.