Apr 30, 2012

Distance today = 42.89 km; Total distance = 5809.49 km; Location = Boulder – 40 03.586′ N, 105 16.985′ W; Start time = 0912, Finish time = 1522


A relatively short day – a little over a standard marathon, which just happened to be distance between towns – saw me in a little earlier than normal.

I am now in Boulder, which is a town with quite a bit of history. Boulder has been the temporary home for a quite a few great athletes seeking a pleasant location to embark upon altitude training, including Rob de Castella in the 80s. It’s also the setting of the TV sitcom Mork and Mindy, as well as being a favourite town of many people, including Lamar North.

It really lives up to what I’d heard about the place, and even has lots of houses in the style of Mindy’s. There are also heaps of cyclists, although I didn’t see too many other runners. All in all, though, it’s great to see so many people getting around under their own steam. That’s the sign of a city that’s already living in the future.

Boulder is also the home of the US National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). As those who are familiar with me know, I have been involved in renewable energy technology development for the past couple of decades. Tonight I’ll be catching up with a friend or two from NREL, who I’ve gotten to know over the past few years.

Today was a milestone day – I passed the 5,800 km mark, which means I have now reached 20% of my journey around the world, and within four months too. Wow, it’ll be over before I know it.