Apr 4, 2012

Distance today = 57.82 km; Total distance = 4523.90 km; Location = Aztec – 36 49.581′ N, 107 58.696′ W; Start time = 0903, Finish time = 1724


There’s something particularly relaxing about running on a quiet path by a river. That’s how I started today. However, it was all too short, ending after only few kilometres, and I was back on the main road.

The weather was much better, with blue skies and a light breeze. I passed an emu farm along the way, shortly before reaching the New Mexico border. The road on the Colorado side had a minimal shoulder, but just before the border it widened considerably, making the running less onerous.

All in all, it was a nice, if uneventful, day. I felt surprisingly good after yesterday’s big run. I’ve now covered more than 120 km in the past two days.

PS The Tom’s Next Step Facebook page reached its 500th friend last night. Congratulations to Shelly Harbour for being that friend – now who are you?