Apr 8, 2019

I’ve just spent a weekend in Gundagai on the Tour de Bois mini tour. It was a great few days, including the rides, although my lack of any recent cycling resulted in me feeling the hills a bit. But I got through it without any real issues. It did leave my thighs a little heavy.

But, despite the heaviness, I did manage to run a kilometre this morning in 3:35 as part of a longish run. If I’d been fresh, I reckon I could have knocked a few more seconds off that time.

I recently did an interview with Matt North from the Running Matters podcast. You can listen to this (it’s more than an hour, though) by clicking on https://runningmatters.podbean.com/mf/play/8cyfpp/Running_matters_Ste_ep_22_MP3MIXDOWN_EDITED_V_1.mp3. Matt ran with me for a day toward the end of my run around the world.

I’ve included a heap of photos in this post from my time in New Mexico seven years ago. I’ve also included a video with a very corny bit of acting from the day I ran into the small town of Cuba. Three months of 50 km per day, as well as a long, hot, and dusty journey that day, left my voice very shaky and unable to hit the high notes. You’ll see what I mean. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s just a bit of fun. However, I did recover with a couple of very nice margaritas that evening – also included in the photos.