Aug 1, 2017

We awoke today to a gale force crosswind, which is more dangerous than a headwind or tailwind. We experienced a strong crosswind yesterday, and the effect when you pass a truck is dramatic. It’s really scary, with a feeling a complete instability as your centre of gravity swings back and forth across the road.

So, based on that, and the fact we’d really overdone the distance and hills of late, Dave suggested (and Peter and I readily agreed) to minimise the riding and, instead, to catch a train for much of the distance we had to cover today. Our bodies will thank us for it. We also have a planned rest day coming up on Thursday.

Tomorrow we have an estimated 143 km to ride to the heritage listed village of Saint Cirq Lapopie. We should be feeling a lot more energetic than in recent days. I have to admit, each morning when I go for a short run, my thighs feel heavier than they’ve ever felt before – a combination of the extreme climbing, distance, and the residual fatigue from the the Big Red Run.

Here is a photo from La Puy en Velay, where we stayed last night. Quite a spectacular town, and well worth a visit. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to construct this building, every stone being hauled up individually.