Aug 1, 2022

After nearly five weeks of very minimal running, it appears clear that rest is not the cure for my heel. While I sense some improvement on occasions, if I’m honest with myself, there has been no overall improvement. The orthopaedic surgeon may be right, and surgery might be the only option. However, I’m going to try a few other options in the meantime. More on that in future posts.

The world run posts for today are from my time running through the Clare Valley in South Australia – great wine country.


Jul 30, 2013


Distance for today = 53.25 km; Total distance = 23,992.97 km; Location = Yacka – 33 37.128’ S, 138 26.824′ E; Start time = 0823, Finish time = 1653


Another solid day, as I moved south in to the Clare Valley. I expect we’ll be enjoying a few nice reds in the days to come.

Earlier in the day I passed through the towns of Gladstone and Georgetown, both historic and quaint, with well documented plaques and photographs showing each in its heyday. The remainder of the day was through lovely green farming country.

We are still travelling with Bernie and Lesley, whose generosity we greatly appreciate. Last night we were also joined by Bob and Sue Quin, as well as Reefton Humblewood and Sarita.

Quinny is one of the legends of the Tour de Bois, and his witty plays on words are now universally known as Quinisms. Reefton, despite possessing one of the most lyrical and unique names in the world, is also known by many alternatives, including Rodney Holmes a’Coy and Yorso Veinenshort. We should all have a great time over the next few days.


Jul 31, 2013


Distance for today = 50.09 km; Total distance = 24,043.06 km; Location = Leasingham – 33 58.977’ S, 138 39.084′ E; Start time = 0824, Finish time = 1610


I passed the 24,000 km milestone early in today’s run. Not far to go now. It was a hilly run, through classic Clare Valley wine country – doesn’t get much better than that.

Quinny and Reefton drove me out to my starting point today, and Bernie and Lesley acted as support crew this afternoon, providing me with a drink and then picking me up.

Carmel was taking some photos during the middle of the day, when she met Scooter Smith from Cardinham Estate. He had seen me on the AFL Footy Show, and ended up giving Carmel a whole case of red wine. What a fantastic gesture. I’m looking forward to trying them over the coming days and weeks. We also received a case of wines from Kemeny’s in Bondi a few weeks back. I’m lucky to have such fine running fuel provided free of charge.


Aug 1, 2013


Distance today = 52.14 km; Total distance = 24,095.20 km; Location = Kapunda – 34 20.174’ S, 138 54.490′ E; Start time = 0816, Finish time = 1621


Another fantastic day of weather for running!!! The temperature was perfect, and it was sunny most of the day.

Quinny and Reefton dropped me at my start again, and Reefton ran the first 400 metres with me – the shortest distance of anyone so far. He’s a shadow of his former self, and is going to get walloped on the Tour de Bois this year.

I ran from the Clare Valley to the Barossa Valley, with several long hills between the valleys. The landscape was beautiful – lots of vineyards and farms, with sheep, cattle, wheat, soy beans, and canola.

After passing the 24,000 km mark yesterday, I finished the month of July with the highest monthly total of my life – 1,683 km.  That’s an average of 54.3 km per day.

Reefton and Sarita have headed back to Sydney now, and Bernie and Lesley have gone on ahead, so it’s now only Sue and Bob travelling with us – our smallest contingent for a while.

PS Last night I received a haircut in Clare from Michelle, who kindly donated the cost to Oxfam. Thanks Michelle.