Aug 11, 2013

Distance today = 50.72 km; Total distance = 24,608.40 km; Location = Penola – 37 22.690’ S, 140 50.189′ E; Start time = 0745, Finish time = 1515


Best day of weather for some time – lovely sunshine, mild temps, and a gentle tailwind.

The course I ran today is unique in regard to the world run. It is the only stage that I have essentially run previously in its entirety during my training for this challenge. Back in 2010, I set off from Naracoorte, with the other guys following later on their bikes. On that occasion, there was a gale force headwind all the way to Penola, so today was much easier.

The run was initially past paddocks full of sheep, but this eventually gave way to the Coonawarra vineyards. It’s always a pleasant experience when I run through vineyards.

Strangely, I saw three dead sheep in the fields today, all quite close to the road. I remember Klitty seeing a dead sheep in the very same region back in 2010. Amazingly, I don’t recall seeing a single dead sheep anywhere previously on the world run. I don’t know why there are so many here. One was a lamb, about half grown. It’s mother was standing over it solemnly. Sheep may be pretty dumb, but I reckon they have feelings.

I also saw a dead echidna, which had been hit by a car. It’s particularly sad to see the demise of such a rare and interesting native animal. Echidnas do it tough when trying to cross roads.

I had an early start this morning, resulting in an early finish into Penola. We are very pleased to have received great generosity from the Prince of Wales Hotel in Penola – thanks Tim.