Aug 13, 2016

I completed my run yesterday with 114 km in 11 hours 56 minutes. With four minutes to go I reached a nice round 114 km, which was where Kate, the support crew, was based. I couldn’t be bothered heading off for another four minutes to some more remote point on the course, and then having to walk back.

I was pleased with the day. My aim, as previously stated, was to beat my previous 12 hour best of 108 km. It was clear I was going to do that by the time I reached 100 km in 9:54:45, so I took it easy over the final two hours so that I could enjoy the occasion more without being in too much pain. It was the first time I’d run under ten hours for 100 km since 2008 – a 9:26 on that occasion.

Kate Day did a fantastic job throughout supporting me, and I would have run several kilometres less had she not been there. Thanks Kate. It was very much appreciated.

I was also joined by a couple of friends during the day. Tour Bois stalwart, Eric, ran with me early in the day and then turned up again just before the finish. You may recall, Eric ran with me for a few days around the Port Augusta region in South Australia during the world run. He did 56 km one day, which was the record for the furthest run with me in a single day (beating Chook’s 55 km) until Dave beat it with 57 km, and ultimately the Hud with 60 km. And another friend, Richard McGrath ran with me over the final kilometres, along with Kate.

I’m obviously a bit sore today and quite fatigued, but I’m generally feeling quite good. I certainly finished in much much better condition that I did last November in Florida. On that occasion I didn’t eat during the day, and I learned a major lesson from the experience. Yesterday I ate fairly regularly, though not like a pig, and felt comfortable throughout in terms on my energy levels.

I know I could have pushed harder over the final two hours and eked out a few more Ks. If it had been a race, I probably would have. But it wasn’t a race, and I wanted to enjoy the late afternoon in the park and look back on the day with memories of feeling comfortable – at the same time setting a new PB. Both aims were accomplished. And I was 2.5 kg lighter this morning

Now to recover. An easy week lies ahead.


On This Day


Aug 13, 2013

Distance today = 56.89 km; Total distance = 24,717.48 km; Location = Casterton, Victoria – 37 37.693’ S, 141 17.155′ E; Start time = 0822, Finish time = 1644


It was a long and cold day, with a fierce westerly wind blowing. The one advantage was that it was behind me. Thankfully, I didn’t get wet.

Despite the road being a key highway, it was not busy at all. I passed a lot of sheep, and some cattle. They are all scared of me for some reason. However, one cow did let me pat it.

Late in the morning, I crossed from South Australia into Victoria. I am now in the same time zone as my finishing point in Sydney. After a whole world of time zone changes, I now have no more time zones to cross.

I’m looking forward to a better day of weather tomorrow, but my hopes may be forlorn. I’ll just have to grin and bear it, however the day turns out.