Aug 13, 2017

Wow, that 82.000 feet of climbing we’ve cycled in the past sixteen days must have made me fit. It’s hard to believe, but I set a personal best today for my ascent of Mont Ventoux from Bedoin. In 2009 I did it in 1:51 (a single ascent), and in 2011 I did it in 1:57 (as part of three ascents for the day). Today, however, I managed it quite comfortably in 1:45. Go figure!!!! I don’t know how, but I seem to be getting faster with age. I was passed by six cyclists (all young skinny guys) and I passed 24 others.

The total climbing for the day (the loop from Bedoin to the top, down to Malaucene and back to Bedoin) was 1,853 metres, but most of this was the initial ascent. My 1:45 for the 22 km implies an average speed of 12.6 kph, which I’m very, very ┬ápleased with. And that’s for a climb where much of the gradient is between 9% and 10%. I wouldn’t have imagined I was capable of that. Here are the stats:


I think I’ll be tired for the next few days. The one thing I have noticed about doing all this intense cycling, is that my running suffers. Each morning my legs feel like lead during the handful of kilometres I run.