Aug 14, 2014

I am already detecting a small improvement in my calf. I’m hoping another two weeks will see me running freely again.

I’ve only been able to run about  3 km in a single go. And this has been in the very slow “crutch style” I described last time. In fact, by the time I get to about fifteen minutes, I start to feel the other muscles in my lower leg – the ones taking on the load of the injured muscle – fatiguing and threatening to break down themselves.

That’s always the risk in a situation like this. You simply cannot employ a new and stilted running style for very long without causing problems elsewhere. I would generally not recommend it – a bit of solid rest is usually the best initial course for a sudden onset injury where mild trauma is involved. But I have my reasons.

That said, a bit of mild exercise that doesn’t cause pain to the afflicted area can be beneficial. Complete restriction of motion for an extended period can cause its own issues. It just depends on the injury.


On This Day


Aug 14, 2012

There was no report on this day.


Aug 14, 2013

Distance today = 54.51 km; Total distance = 24,771.99 km; Location = Coleraine (11 km east of) – 37 38. 382’ S, 141 47.841′ E; Start time = 0840, Finish time = 1658


Another day of sunshine that was very regularly punctuated with freezing cold rain showers. At one stage, the rain actually consisted of tiny pieces of ice.

I was also attacked by a magpie again, though it didn’t make contact with my head. I reckon all the magpies are a bit edgy at the moment, ahead of Collingwood’s clash with Hawthorn on Friday.

Michael has re-joined the support crew, after a couple weeks off. We just can’t keep him away. Last night we had dinner in the Glenelg Inn Hotel in Casterton, where Troy kindly provided a delicious meal and the wine. Great hospitality, once again, and a very enjoyable evening – certainly a place to visit if you’re passing through Casterton.

Troy also told me about the Lower Coleraine Road, which was a great find. It was almost devoid of cars, and had fewer hills. All the same, it was still a hilly day overall, with a long one out of Coleraine.

I was also reminded today of a little piece of trivia, which might make you think a bit – the girl who played Cindy Brady in The Brady Bunch (I think her name was Susan Olsen) turned 52 today. Where does the time go? Now that’s a wake-up call to get out there and do whatever you want to do, before it’s too late. Time creeps up on you faster than you realise.