Aug 17, 2015

I spent the weekend down south at Bulli, enjoying a couple of runs in less familiar environs than my usual local running roads. There is a great running/cycling path from Wollongong all the way up past Thirroul, and I ran this path on both the world run in 2013 and the Melbourne to Sydney run in 2009. It was good to be back on it again, along with a multitude of other runners, walkers, and cyclists. I even ran into the indefatigable Chips from the Tour de Bois. He was riding on the path. Seeing him wasn’t entirely unexpected, though, given he lives just a a couple of kilometres away in Thirroul.

And it was a surprise to see my book featured in the Traveller lift-out section of various major Australian newspapers over the weekend, including the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age. I hadn’t realised the article would be appearing. Thankfully, several friends let me know about it.

I’m getting back to normal now after the City to Surf. All the soreness is gone now, but I haven’t quite got the spring back in my stop just yet. I’m in two minds as to whether I should concentrate initially on moving up in distance ahead of the expected 12 hour race in Florida in November, or testing myself with pure speed over much shorter distances, ahead of my expected focus on the 400 metres over summer. The two are at such extreme opposite ends of the running spectrum, and this poses a problem. It’s something I’m just going to have to resolve myself – there’s no simple answer to this type of conundrum.

The world run photo for the day is of one of the many streams I passed over on the South Island of New Zealand. It was a very peaceful and relaxing landscape.




On This Day


Aug 17, 2013

Distance today = 54.43 km; Total distance = 24,937.40 km; Location = Pomborneit, Victoria – 38 17.240’ S, 143 18.013′ E; Start time = 0843, Finish time = 1654


Unfortunately, I have some sad news today – Carmel’s mother has passed away. Thankfully, Carmel had flown back to visit her, and was able to be with her mother for a few days prior to her passing last night.

Dulcie was 95 years old. She had lived a long and fruitful life, always doing the right thing, and never having a bad word to say about anyone. She will be sorely missed by the whole family.

I have dedicated today’s run to Dulcie. It was through countryside that was very similar to where she grew up, and I’m sure she would have enjoyed it. To Dulcie Breen!!!!

I started the day in cold conditions, running again with my cousin, Karen. She ran 16 km with me yesterday afternoon, and 21 km with me today, leaving late in the morning.

I continued on through Camperdown, where the weather started to take a turn for the worse. However, the squall didn’t last very long, and I was spared from getting too wet. Once again, however, the Garmin stopped working temporarily, while I was under the shop awnings in town. The missing distance has been added back in.

I passed the 95% mark this afternoon, so the end is approaching fast. In fact, there’s less than four weeks remaining now. And I’m very grateful to Michael for acting as my support crew while Carmel is away.