Aug 19, 2017

Another big day, with 150 km covered in total. Thankfully, it was a very flat day, with a total of just 398 metres climbed. We rode from Calamandrana to a village called Turro, a little to the south of Piacenza. It wasn’t the most inspiring of rides, with lots of industrial areas and towns and cities. However, it was a fast ride. Much of the time we were averaging over 30 kph.

We’ve now ridden a total of 2,600 km and climbed just a tick under 100,000 feet. Tomorrow we head to Verona. It’ll be another big day of around 150 km again, though likely to be on cycle paths for much of the journey. Monday will be a rest day as we explore the city.

Here’s today’s Garmin link: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/1925535963