Aug 26, 2012

Distance today = 51.08 km; Total distance = 10,619.34 km; Location = Muscle Shoals – 34 44.123′ N, 87 40.081′ W; Start time = 0906, Finish time = 1723


Everyone is familiar with the song Sweet Home Alabama. There is a line in the song which says “Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers”. I thought it was referring to someone called Muscle Shoals having an affliction called ‘the swampers’. Not so. Here is the lowdown.

Today I ran across the border into Alabama, finishing my day at the town of Muscle Shoals. One of the most famous backing/session bands in the US hails from Muscle Shoals, and they’re called The Swampers. They’ve played with some of the biggest names in music.

So there you go. You potentially learn something every day you read this blog.

I have now run in four different states this past week – Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. That’s definitely a record for me.

I have also been seeing lots of Civil War historical sites. In fact, last night we stayed at the Sunset Lodge in Iuka. This motel sits exactly atop one of the war’s biggest artillery battles. In fact, next month there will be a huge re-enactment of the battle, with 20,000 people expected in town to be part of the reliving of the battle. They will all be in original uniforms, with many having to play the part of dead soldiers, lying still on the ground while the rest of the mock battle rages on.

As for the running, it’s been very good the past few days. I’ve had some really good quiet roads to run on, with lots of beautiful forests and gentle hills. If only it could be like that every day.