Aug 27, 2017

Final post about the cycling trip. We covered a total of 3,181 km and climbed a total of 35,596 metres vertically. That’s 116,785 feet, which is the equivalent of riding from sea level to the top of Mt Everest four times. No wonder I feel fit now, although a bit tired too.

Tomorrow I’m off to Cork in Ireland for the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC). I haven’t been to a EWTEC since 2009. That one was in Uppsala in Sweden.

Here are some final photos from recent days. This first is of the three of us from the top of the Stelvio Pass (from left, Peter, me, Dave). Remember, this climb is 24.5 km long, yet what you can see of the road right down to the lower part of the valley ‘V’ is only about 8 km of it. The other 16 km was similar, but further down the valley where you can’t see it from the top.

The second photo if from the other side of the pass, looking back up to the top from Bormio. The scenery in this region is magnificent.

Next post will be from Ireland.