Aug 28, 2013

Distance today = 49.97 km; Total distance = 25,513.89 km; Location = Beechworth – 36 21.649’ S, 146 41.302′ E; Start time = 0816, Finish time = 1637


Although I was feeling a bit below par today, the run was very enjoyable. The weather was fine, the road relatively quiet, and the landscape picturesque.

I passed through the wine and cheese town of Milawa, where I met Helen and Roger from Bright. From there, it was on to Everton, with its cute pub and the start of the rail trail to Beechworth. This trail is a favourite with the Tour de Bois, comprising one of the regular time trials of the tour. I used to hold the record for the 7.4 km of pure uphill, with 18:08. Two years ago, the time trial was run again, and I improved my best time to 17:27. However, the amazing Jimbo bettered that with a mind-boggling 16:01. What a cyclist!!!!

I eventually made it in to Beechworth, one of the best preserved 19th century towns in Australia. We are staying in a motel which stands on the site of a famous fight. In 1874, Ned Kelly challenged the toughest and meanest guy around, Wild Wright, to a boxing match. It took place in Beechworth, precisely on the land where we’re staying. Despite the renowned ability of Wild Wright, and the fact that Ned was only 19 years old, it was Ned who prevailed, further enhancing his already formidable reputation in the region.

The Hud arrives tomorrow night, to have a crack at Dave’s recent record for the furthest run with me in a single day. There are some doubters, who don’t believe The Hud can do it. I wouldn’t be betting against him, though. That’s one to definitely stay tuned for – The Hud doesn’t disappoint.