Aug 30, 2012

Distance today = 54.88 km; Total distance = 10,827.40 km; Location = Nashville – 36 09.823′ N, 86 47.063′ W; Start time = 0820, Finish time = 1647


I have spoken a bit recently about roads that were not friendly to pedestrians. Forget those ones – today I ran on a road, coming in to Nashville, that beats all the others hands down. Nothing else comes even close to how bad this road was for running. The traffic was thick, and if I wasn’t running in the lanes with the cars, I would have been over the side in a six foot deep ditch by the roadside. I nearly fell into this ditch several times. My hips, knees, and ankles have never had such a lateral workout.

It was a suburb of palatial homes, and I think it was probably a conscious decision on the part of town planners to make it so pedestrian-unfriendly, as it keeps the riff-raff on foot, like me, from venturing into the suburb. Nor was there any room at all for any cars to park and, therefore, no shops or petrol stations of any sort.

Anyhow, enough of that. My day was otherwise quite good, although the weather was extremely humid. I covered nearly 55 km, including almost 500 metres of ascent on the hills. Looking forward to seeing some of Nashville by night.