Aug 31, 2012

Distance today = 54.91 km; Total distance = 10,882.31 km; Location = Portland – 36 35.404′ N, 86 35.812′ W; Start time = 0826, Finish time = 1705


Today was a bit of a slog. A late night watching live music on Nashvillle’s music street, Broadway, coupled with an extremely humid day, made it a little tough getting through 55 km. But get through it I did.

Running out of Nashville was, at times, like yesterday’s run in – on roads that were built with no consideration for pedestrians. Once out of the city, however, and the shoulders widened. The rest of the day involved much better road conditions.

I passed through the small town of Goodlettsville today. I don’t expect that any of the readers of this blog have ever heard of the town before. Amazingly, this little town recently achieved a monumental feat. It’s Little League baseball team, made up of 12 and 13 year olds, won the US Championships and went on to be runners up in the World Series (a real world championships, involving multiple countries) to a team from Japan. Quite impressive for such a small town.

Just before the end of the day a summer shower got me pretty wet, but it was nice to experience running in cooler weather. I wouldn’t mind a little more of that.