Aug 5, 2012

Distance today = 52.49 km; Total distance = 10,275.47 km; Location = Joiner – 35 29.314′ N, 90 09.886′ W; Start time = 0853 Finish time = 1709


I felt really bad when I started this morning. I struggled for the first 20 km or so, feeling like I wanted to stop and walk all the time.

I had told the girls I would be OK without them (so they could attend to other tasks), because there was a town where I could get a drink. But the only petrol station was closed because it was Sunday.

I struggled to the next town, four miles down the road, and rehydrated fully. After that I was fine. The girls joined me soon after for the rest of the day.

I actually felt very strong for the remainder of the day, running a little faster than normal. It’s really hard to pick how I will feel from one day to the next, or even from one part of the day to the next. But at least I feel pretty good generally.