Aug 6, 2012

Distance today = 26.03 km; Total distance = 10,301.50 km; Location = Jericho – 35 16.889′ N, 90 13.502′ W; Start time = 0753 Finish time = 1129


Sorry for the late report. I had a planned short day and then headed off to Graceland. I have also planned a couple of rest days, as I have various things to organise, including arranging a teleconference for the Tour de Bois AGM. More on the Tour de Bois in a later blog.

Today was Hannah’s last day with us. We saw her off at Memphis Airport. It was great to have her as part of the journey, even if it was for just a very quick nine days.

Due to the rest, I will recommence the reports shortly when I start running again. Stay tuned.