Aug 6, 2017

Today was our second longest day so far (153.4 km), and we climbed most of the day (1,531 metre of ascent). We’re now in the Pyrenees, though we haven’t done any of the major climbs yet.

After accidentally encountering the girls for a hot chocolate in the town square of Mirande (they kept referring to it as Mirande Fair), we headed on to Tarbes. It was here that I intersected again with my world run route. In fact, we rode about 700 metres of the actual course I ran back in 2013, past my finishing point that day at the hotel where Carmel I stayed.

It definitely brought back memories, although it was snowing that day – not so today. The very day after, Carmel took a photo of me running in the snow, which I have attached below, along with a few other photos of us guys cycling on this trip. All these photos are very close in geographical terms, though separated by four years of time and a couple of seasons.

We’ve now totalled 1,454 km in eleven days of riding, with nearly 53,000 feet of climbing (I’m using feet , because the number is bigger). Tomorrow is ostensibly a day off, though we have the choice of climbing the famous Hautacam. I haven’t decided if I’ll do that yet. A bit of rest may feel far more inviting.

Here’s the Garmin link for the day. Check out the new maximum speed record of 71.5 kmh.