Aug 6, 2021

I didn’t have much time this morning, so I just threw in a quick 200 metres, running it in 33 secs. I was surprised it was that quick at 7 am. Normally I need a bit more warming up. It was actually quicker than if I’d run two 100 metres at the 16.8 pace I ran on Monday.

The world run blog posts below are from my time in Missouri, approaching Memphis (which is actually in Tennessee, just over the Mississippi River from Missouri). The weather was hot and humid there in early August of 2012.

Aug 3, 2012


Distance today = 51.13 km; Total distance = 10,172.11 km; Location = Kennett – 36 14.241′ N, 90 01.902′ W; Start time = 0908 Finish time = 1726


Today was tough. I’m not sure why – I just woke up with little energy. But I struggled through the day and eventually got there. The last 30 km on a busy road didn’t help my enjoyment of the day, nor did the high heat and humidity (what a surprise!)

The girls stayed with me most of the day. There were next to no opportunities to obtain my own drinks, so I really needed them there. It’s not like the early days of this run, when I could virtually get through a whole day without the support crew. Now I need them constantly, so intense is the heat.

One surprise awaiting me on arriving into Kennett, my destination for the day, was to find that it is the hometown of Sheryl Crow. And I thought she grew up on Santa Monica Boulevard in LA. Having earlier run through Bob Dylan’s hometown of Duluth, I will also be passing through Elvis’ hometown in a few days.

Stop press – I just discovered a tick on my right butt cheek when I had a shower. That’s probably what was making me feel  low today.


Aug 4, 2012


Distance today = 50.87 km; Total distance = 10,222.98 km; Location = Lemsford – 35 51.851′ N, 89 55.081′ W; Start time = 0843 Finish time = 1711


I got away to a  flying start today – literally. After 200 metres I tripped on a manhole cover that wasn’t flush with the road, and hit the deck hard. Luckily I only lost some skin.

Then I had to contend with the worst humidity I’ve encountered so far on the world run. I’m not joking – if I had jumped in a swimming pool, then got out and let the excess water drip off for thirty seconds, that’s roughly how wet I was constantly. The only way to bear it is to strip down to just shorts.

Hannah has had a bit of a stomach bug today, but now appears to be over the worst of it. She still helped out when she could.

Early in the afternoon I crossed the border from Missouri into Arkansas. This is the 14th US state I’ve run through so far. Arkansas is Bill Clinton’s home state, though I don’t think he’s lived here for a while. It won’t be long and I’ll be in Tennessee.


Aug 5, 2012


Distance today = 52.49 km; Total distance = 10,275.47 km; Location = Joiner – 35 29.314′ N, 90 09.886′ W; Start time = 0853 Finish time = 1709


I felt really bad when I started this morning. I struggled for the first 20 km or so, feeling like I wanted to stop and walk all the time.

I had told the girls I would be OK without them (so they could attend to other tasks), because there was a town where I could get a drink. But the only petrol station was closed because it was Sunday.

I struggled to the next town, four miles down the road, and rehydrated fully. After that I was fine. The girls joined me soon after for the rest of the day.

I actually felt very strong for the remainder of the day, running a little faster than normal. It’s really hard to pick how I will feel from one day to the next, or even from one part of the day to the next. But at least I feel pretty good generally.


Aug 6, 2012


Distance today = 26.03 km; Total distance = 10,301.50 km; Location = Jericho – 35 16.889′ N, 90 13.502′ W; Start time = 0753 Finish time = 1129


Sorry for the late report. I had a planned short day and then headed off to Graceland. I have also planned a couple of rest days, as I have various things to organise, including arranging a teleconference for the Tour de Bois AGM. More on the Tour de Bois in a later blog.

Today was Hannah’s last day with us. We saw her off at Memphis Airport. It was great to have her as part of the journey, even if it was for just a very quick nine days.

Due to the rest, I will recommence the reports shortly when I start running again. Stay tuned.