Aug 8, 2017

Just a short post tonight, as it’s getting late and I’m very tired. We rode 147 km, with 3,450 metres (more than 11,500 feet) of vertical ascent. We climbed Luz Ardiden in the morning (a famous climb from the Tour de France), and then the Col du Tourmalet in the afternoon (an even more famous climb from the Tour de France). We decided to do these climbs for variety, as Dave and I have previously climbed the Col d’Aspin (twice) and the Col du Peyresourde (once). But we’d never ridden Luz Ardiden, although I believe the great Jimbo has done so, prior to watching the Tour de France cyclists do the same later that day.

My Garmin cycling computer finally packed it in today. It was a very wet day (freezing cold on the descents of the mountains) and it seems the water has penetrated the Garmin. I’ve had it since the 10,000 km mark of my world run. It did the final 16,000 km of that run in the palms of my hands – along with whatever cycling I’ve done since then. So I can’t download the data from today. For the rest of the trip I’ll wear my running Garmin (a watch), and download that day instead. It will take some adjustment from watching the computer on the stem of my bike to looking at my watch.

Tomorrow we ride from Barbazan, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, to Soreze, east of Toulouse.