Aug 8, 2018

I’m back in Sydney now, so it’s a return to well worn running courses. I’m still churning out the 100+ km weeks. Today I threw in a quicker 4:45 km, but I’m still keeping it fairly slow and easy for the moment – the right Achilles remains just a touch sore. Not where it was injured previously, though. This one is a little higher.

Today’s photos are from the road between Bordertown and Frances in South Australia, which I ran on this day five years ago. It’s a very quiet road which we’d cycled on the Tour de Bois back in 2010. On that occasion Lance and GD sat at the front of a small peloton, averaging over 50 km per hour. It was all most of us could do to simply hang on. Reefton Humblewood, of course, got dropped. Needless to say, I was going a lot slower in the photos below.