Feb 27, 2020

I pulled up well after my 10 km time trial on Monday. I took it easy for two days, but ran a kilometre in 3:46 this morning. The pace felt like it was around 4 mins, so I was pleased …Continue reading

Feb 24, 2020

As suggested in an earlier post, I did a 10 km time trial today as preparation for the King Island race, which is in less than two weeks. I would have been happy with 45 minutes. As it turned out, …Continue reading

Feb 21, 2020

On this day in 2013 I ran over the Pyrenees and into San Sebastian in northern Spain. Actually, it took me two days to cross the Pyrenees, making it to Spain on this date. On the corresponding date in 2012 …Continue reading

Feb 17, 2020

Today’s speed session was a lap of Centennial Park, which I haven’t done for two months now. I purposely went a little easier than normal. The reason for the lap was to simulate the pace of the upcoming King Island …Continue reading

Feb 14, 2020

I did an interesting calculation yesterday. I was wondering how my personal best times for various distances compared with the corresponding world records. These days most people think of me as an ultra ling distance runner, but that’s not how …Continue reading