Mar 22, 2018

I’m in the NSW country town of Orange for the next few days for the annual Tour de Bois Mini Tour. Each year we ride the main tour over a week or so in October/November, and the mini tour over …Continue reading

Mar 19, 2018

As I hinted in the last post, I ran a time trial this morning. I decided on 3 km, although I was a little worried it may have been too far. My old mate, the Hud, runs 3 km races …Continue reading

Mar 16, 2018

Each day now I can feel an improvement in my running. After many months of injury issues, it is so much more enjoyable to feel like a normal person again. Although both problem regions can feel a little fatigued by …Continue reading

Mar 14, 2018

I’ve discovered something interesting this past week. I would normally be losing a bit of weight given my diet and exercise regime of late. And, with a lack of quality running over the past few months, along with a somewhat …Continue reading

Mar 12, 2018

My run this morning was the best I’ve done since the Big Red Run last June. I felt strong and barely noticed either the pelvic or Achilles problems. I averaged 5:30 per km for 20 km – still not fast …Continue reading