Feb 20, 2017

I replicated last week’s speed session this morning, running a 200 metre sprint and a 1 km. This was all after a 6 km warmup. I surprised myself in the 200, running it in 29.3 seconds. Admittedly, there was a …Continue reading

Feb 16, 2017

I ran another fast lap of Centennial Park this morning. I felt pretty tired in the warm up, but good once I started running faster. As I mentioned last week, I ran a 15:35 for the Park on Feb 12, …Continue reading

Feb 13, 2017

Yesterday morning I woke with a very sore lower back. I assume it’s a strain caused by some digging and shovelling I did on Saturday. This morning it was even worse – very painful. But I decided to go for …Continue reading

Feb 10, 2017

Despite a super hot day today (38 C, 100 F) I decided to stick with my plan to do another fast lap of Centennial Park. I was pretty comfortable throughout, although I did feel it a little in the lungs. …Continue reading

Feb 7, 2017

Despite the excessive heat and humidity yesterday, I included some speed work in my daily run. On this occasion I ran 200 metres in 37 secs, then 1 km in 3:39. The latter was as flat out as I could …Continue reading