Apr 8, 2020

I’m pleased the coronavirus restrictions don’t apply to exercise. It’s allowed me to get out on the road and log some good mileage. I covered 110 km last week, and should reach 120 km this week. I also threw in …Continue reading

Apr 5, 2020

I hope everyone is coping adequately with the various restrictions that have been imposed, especially if it also comes with a loss or reduction in income. I don’t have any magic bullet solutions for you, but getting out for a …Continue reading

Apr 2, 2020

Despite it being April, both years  that I was running around the world (2012 and 2013) at this time involved snow. I had just reached Colorado in 2012. There are two photos below from consecutive days. One was warm and …Continue reading

Mar 30, 2020

It was late March in 2012 that I ran through Monument Valley in Utah. Today’s post is a visual tribute to that time, along with some photos from Germany in the snow the following year. I’m actually somewhere in all …Continue reading

Mar 27, 2020

I don’t usually write about anything other than running. But these are unusual times so I’ll diverge on this occasion. When the coronavirus crisis is over, hopefully we’ll see some silver linings emerge. As they say, it’s an ill wind …Continue reading