Apr 24, 2017

I finished last week with a total of 120 km, and I’ve kicked this new week off with a 30 km run this morning. I’ll probably add a little to that total later this afternoon. As I mentioned last week, …Continue reading

Apr 21, 2017

After my 12 hour 114 km run last August, I ended up with a slightly sore heel. It was nothing much, but I regularly felt a bit of a sting down around the very bottom of the heel. This persisted …Continue reading

Apr 19, 2017

I ended up running 35 km on Monday. After the initial (fairly quick) 24 km in the morning, I did another 11 km late in the afternoon. However, it was much slower and included a little bit of walking. This …Continue reading

Apr 17, 2017

After two weeks where I ranĀ 70 km in each, I’m off to a flying start this week with a fast 24 km. I averaged under 5:30 per km, with the last kilometre in 4:56. And I’ll probably add a bit …Continue reading

Apr 15, 2017

I’m now back home after a 36 hour door to door trip from Monaco. Eight of those hours were spent in airport lounges, so I had plenty of time for my specialty – of running around airports during stopovers. I’m …Continue reading