Oct 19, 2017

Not a lot to report on the running front. As mentioned last post, I have a dose of high hamstring tendinopathy (not sure whey it’s spelt with an ‘i’ and not an ‘o’, but that’s how the medical fraternity spell …Continue reading

Oct 16, 2017

Finished with 115 km last week. That’s 365 km in three weeks. Unfortunately, or perhaps it’s actually fortunate, I now believe the general tightness and soreness I’ve had in and around my right gluteus muscle is what is known as …Continue reading

Oct 13, 2017

Yesterday I woke up with the same pain in my right glute as I experienced for a month or so before the Big Red Run. To be fair, I felt it initially on Monday, but it had been relatively minor …Continue reading

Oct 11, 2017

Like last Wednesday, I threw in a long 28 km run today. It was pretty much over the exact same coastal course too. However, I was quite a bit faster today. Not sure why – I just seemed to be …Continue reading

Oct 9, 2017

After running 250 km over the past two weeks, my legs were quite heavy this morning during my speed work session. I managed my 200 metre 10% gradient hill in 48 secs again (it’s actually slightly more than 200 metres), …Continue reading