Aug 22, 2017

We rode on plenty of fine bile trails today on our way from Verona, through Trento, and on to the small alpine village of Mezzocorona. Below is a photo of Peter and Dave on one of these trails. They were …Continue reading

Aug 21, 2017

After 310 km in two days, I’m really enjoying a rest today. It’s also been useful in terms of getting various odds and ends done. Tomorrow we head north towards the Dolomites. I had a longer run this morning along …Continue reading

Aug 20, 2017

Today was our equal longest of the trip, with 160 km. Once again, however, it was very flat, with just 345 metres of climbing. We rode from Turro (about 10 km south of Piacenza) to Verona. During the morning we …Continue reading

Aug 19, 2017

Another big day, with 150 km covered in total. Thankfully, it was a very flat day, with a total of just 398 metres climbed. We rode from Calamandrana to a village called Turro, a little to the south of Piacenza. …Continue reading

Aug 17, 2017

We rode a truly beautiful piece of coastline today, albeit very busy with traffic. It’s part of the Italian Riviera, from Menton (in France) to a small town called Quiliano, near Savona in Italy. The first 3 km were in …Continue reading