Jan 16, 2021

Today’s running article should be of interest to anyone thinking of running a marathon. A marathon is not as painful as many thing, as long as it’s run at the right pace. The blog articles further below are from Jan …Continue reading

Jan 14, 2021

I watched the movie Nomadland last weekend. I acknowledge that it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I wanted to see it because I could tell from the trailer that it was likely to feature scenes of the US countryside …Continue reading

Jan 12, 2021

My MRI this morning was rescheduled to tomorrow, as the MRI machine broke down yesterday and needed repairing. So I’ll hopefully bring you news on that in the next post. Meanwhile, readers can enjoy the article below, along with the …Continue reading

Jan 10, 2021

Today’s running article is about ultra marathons. As I point out, these hurt a lot less than most might think. The blog posts are from Jan 9 and 10, 2012, as I made my way north towards Christchurch. There’s also …Continue reading

Jan 8, 2021

Today’s running article is about speed work. I believe this is one of the more important articles I’ve written. Speed work is important if you want to get faster, though it’s a two edged sword – it can bring you …Continue reading