Apr 5, 2019

I surprised myself with a relatively easy kilometre in 3:37 during yesterday’s run. And this was despite a fairly hard run the day before. It’s one thing to feel you’re getting fitter, but nothing substitutes for hard evidence of that …Continue reading

Apr 1, 2019

I’ve just spent three days up at Boomerang Beach near Forster on the NSW mid-north coast, and I thoroughly enjoyed running up there. I ran on the same roads where I competed in a few Ironman Triathlons back in the …Continue reading

Mar 29, 2019

One of my favourite ever running experiences occurred on this date in 2012. That was the day I ran through Monument Valley. It’s one of the most spectacular places in the world in which to run. I’m sure you’ll enjoy …Continue reading

Mar 26, 2019

On Sunday afternoon I did an interview with Matt North from the Running Matters podcast. Matt ran with me most of the fifth last day of my run around the world, from near Robertson, down Macquarie Pass, and finishing in …Continue reading

Mar 23, 2019

I expect to run another time trial around Centennial Park before too long. It’s been about six months since my last one, although I’ll be purposely running significantly slower “first race up after a spell”. While the Achilles is handling …Continue reading