Jun 12, 2020

The 100 metre sprint intervals I’ve been doing these past two Mondays already appear to be paying dividends. Yesterday I ran 1 km in 3:30, my fastest in two years, and only one second slower than my fastest in five …Continue reading

Jun 9, 2020

I settled on another session of 8 x 100 metres yesterday, averaging around 18 seconds. These days my legs don’t go much faster than that. It’s funny to think that my fastest ever 1 km of 2:37 equates to running …Continue reading

Jun 7, 2020

Another 125 km this week, which has pretty much been my average mileage for the past couple of months. I really should have an easier week at some stage soon, but I’m feeling ok, so this coming week will probably …Continue reading

Jun 4, 2020

I surprised myself today. I ran 1 km on the track amidst the turmoil of a school soccer team doing early morning training. Even with the dodging of soccer balls and teenagers, I stopped the clock at 3:35, my fastest …Continue reading

Jun 1, 2020

Today’s speed work entailed 8 x 100 metre sprints, averaging around 18.5 seconds. I decided to do this session to improve my stride length. Some call it ‘leg speed’, which is a bit misleading. The speed at which your legs …Continue reading