Aug 31, 2019

It was seven years ago that I reached Nashville, Tennessee, on my run around the world. I’d had a tough run into the city from the south that day, with no shoulder at all on a busy road. And, by …Continue reading

Aug 28, 2019

On Monday I did a bit of traditional speed work. It wasn’t a lot – just a 250 metre hill at about 95% effort, followed by 3 x 200 metres (37.5, 37.6, 36.8). I had no problems with my lungs. …Continue reading

Aug 25, 2019

It’s 15 years today since I last had a day off from running. The last day I didn’t have a run was back on August 25, 2004. Since that time I’ve averaged 17.2 km per day, although that average was …Continue reading

Aug 23, 2019

I was back on the road in the state of MississippiĀ  on this day back in 2012, having crossed from Tennessee just south of Memphis. It was a period of the run where dogs regularly decided to follow me. It …Continue reading

Aug 19, 2019

I ran a very comfortable 1 km in 3:41 this morning, as part of a much longer 19 km run. I’ll add a bit more later this afternoon to the distance for the day. To go much faster than that, …Continue reading