Aug 16, 2019

Seven years ago I was back in Australia briefly to renew our visa waiver requirements for the US. Having stopped in Arkansas, just west of the Mississippi River at Memphis, we were soon to return to restart my run around …Continue reading

Aug 12, 2019

For my run yesterday I headed down to the City to Surf course in Rose Bay to watch the leaders go past. Locals will know all about the City to Surf but, for those readers who reside further afield, it’s …Continue reading

Aug 9, 2019

I’m pleased with how my basic running pace has increased in recent months. Without trying, I find I’m running faster. I only know this from my Garmin data. The left calf tightness has now subsided and I’m having no issues …Continue reading

Aug 6, 2019

Yesterday I ran a kilometre in 3:46 – the easiest quick kilometre I’ve run in a long while. It was really very comfortable, despite so little fast work of late. My left calf did give me some twinges earlier in …Continue reading

Aug 3, 2019

My left calf is still a bit tight, but it doesn’t effect my running. It can’t be anything too serious. I won’t do any more fast stuff until it’s back to normal, but that shouldn’t be too long now. Today’s …Continue reading