Jul 31, 2019

I ran a fast 1 km on Monday. For some reason I had a very tight calf and considered giving it a miss. But I took a risk, although I was far from full speed. Despite that, I managed to …Continue reading

Jul 28, 2019

It was this time seven years ago that I reached the 10,000 km mark in my run around around the world. Below is a video from that moment. Hannah was travelling with us at the time, and she’s the one …Continue reading

Jul 25, 2019

It’ll be four weeks this weekend since the Royal Double Ultra. I think that’s enough recovery time, so I’m about due to start some more intensive training again – probably a bit of a short time trial on Monday to …Continue reading

Jul 22, 2019

I spent this past weekend in the Blue Mountains, which is quite a different place to run. Despite the fact it’s much hillier (hard to find much in the way of flat roads), it’s also at a moderately high altitude …Continue reading

Jul 17, 2019

It was on this day in 2012 that I had my first rest day in the US. It was for Carmel’s birthday and we’d just linked up with Hannah at her friends, the Ingersolls, in Chicago. I’d reached Chicago the …Continue reading