Sep 10, 2018

I churned out another 3:30 km during my run this morning. I felt that was pretty decent given the 130 km I ran last week. That was the biggest week I’ve had since the Big Red Run in June last …Continue reading

Sep 6, 2018

I ran a kilometre in 3:29 this morning, a new recent personal best (my all time best 1 km is 2:37, from back in 1983 when I was 22). And the most pleasing thing about today was that I was …Continue reading

Sep 3, 2018

I’ve really been loving the running here in Devonport (northern suburb of Auckland). It seems that the newer the environment, the easier it is to run faster. I had no trouble today churning out 5:30 kilometres without even trying, despite …Continue reading

Sep 1, 2018

I’m currently in Auckland at the moment and had a great run this morning in the suburb of Devonport. It’s as good a place to run as I’ve experienced – well, maybe not as good as the rim of the …Continue reading

Aug 30, 2018

This day five years ago was a big one. As many readers will recall, there was a bit of a competition going on among the Tour de Bois to see who could run the furthest with me in a single …Continue reading