Dec 17, 2019

I decided to run another fast lap of Centennial Park yesterday, stopping the clock in 15:38. After running 250 km over the past two weeks, I could feel the fatigue. The slower time (about 13 secs slower than recent laps) was a clear sign of this fatigue. It’s obvious that the only way I’ll get under 15 minutes again is to taper ahead of an all out assault on a fast lap.

Regular readers will no doubt be aware of world walkers, Tony Mangan and Tom Fremantle. And I’ve also mentioned world runner, Dustin Johnson, before too. Well, now there’s another world runner – a girl called Marie Leautey. Marie more commonly refers to herself as Lootie.

Lootie recently (Dec 6) started her world run at Cabo da Roca near Lisbon, Portugal – the same place I started my European leg. Yesterday she crossed from Portugal into Spain. Dustin is currently in Belgium, Tony is in Saudi Arabia, and Tom Fremantle is in Turkey. I recommend you follow all four. The respective sites are: