Dec 22, 2018

i’m still making good progress with this Achilles rehab program. My next run will be 40 minutes non-stop. Yesterday I ran one kilometre in 5:45 as part of my 35 minute non-stop run. This is hardly fast, but it represents a decent improvement on the pace of the past month. Fingers crossed.

Here are some photos from my run cross the Andes. These were all taken on the Argentinian side during my descent from almost 4,000 metres elevation. The is a Where’s Wally exercise, as I’m just a small dot in each photo. See if you can find me. I’m wearing a white shirt and black shorts in each photo. In the first photo I’m actually running across country, as I was sick of all the hairpins – I decided to take a short cut, even if it was a lot steeper.