Dec 26, 2021

With the year drawing to a close, it appears I will total a little over 5,900 km and, as mentioned in the last post, I will have surpassed 100 km every full week of this year. This week has been one of my lowest for the year, with just 105 km. The biggest week was 130 km, so the range is low. That means consistency.

Below is my Christmas Eve post from 2012. I’ll post once more before the end of the year, with a recap of my running throughout 2021, including the various PBs I managed to set as a newly qualified 60 year old.


Dec 24, 2012


Distance today = 0 km; Total distance = 15,414.07 km; Location = Buenos Aires – 34 27.800′ S, 58 29.779′ W; Start time = n/a, Finish time = n/a

I’m still struggling to get any “zip” back into my legs, despite taking it very easy the past few weeks. I have even picked up a sore left heel – first time I’ve heard of getting injured from resting.

I received the results of a medical check I had last week. Every indicator was perfect except for cholesterol, which was a bit high – no doubt the outcome of nearly a year of eating in diners in the US.

Happy Christmas to everyone, and enjoy the break, as I certainly am. I will be posting at least one more report before December 31, summarising my year on the road – probably the most unusual year of my life (so far).