Dec 29, 2012

Distance today = 0 km; Total distance = 15,414.07 km; Location = Buenos Aires – 34 27.800′ S, 58 29.779′ W; Start time = n/a, Finish time = n/a

Today I did a training run to the top of the Tawonga Pass in the Victorian high country. As a climb of around 600 metres, it’s only a pimple compared to my run over the Andes last month, but it was the biggest hill I’ve run since then. I felt very good, without any problems at all. However, I still have an annoying pain in my left heel, which I didn’t have when I was running 50 km each day. It came on for no reason, so I’m hoping it goes away for no reason.

This will probably be my final report for this year, so I’ll recap on some of the stats and highlights.

I have run 15,414 km toward my world run total. This is an average of 49.5 km per running day. I have climbed a total of 130 vertical kilometres. This equates to running almost 15 times from sea level to the top of Mount Everest and back. I have run in pouring rain, hail, heavy snow, and through floods. I have also run in extreme temperatures, the highest of which was 60C in the direct sunshine.

There have been many highlights. Some of the most memorable have been: running over the Andes, running along the rim of the Grand Canyon, and replicating Forrest Gump’s run through Monument Valley (minus the crowd of followers).

There have been so many people I could thank for their contribution to the 2012 component of the world run, but I won’t attempt a full list now. However, Carmel obviously deserves special thanks for her support throughout the journey so far. Without her presence on a daily basis, I would not have accomplished what I have so far. Others who have been invaluable include Libby, Roger “Chook” Evans and his brothers Don and Pete, and Roger Sharp.

Early in the New Year I expect to know the details of the resumption of my run in Europe, at which time I’ll post this information on the blog. One thing I do know is that I will be starting near Lisbon in Portugal, at the most westerly point in mainland Europe.

Stay tuned, and have a great New Year.