Dec 5, 2018

It was on this day six years ago that I dipped my toe in the South Atlantic Ocean in Buenos Aires to conclude my run across South America. It had taken me just over a month to complete the transcontinental crossing on foot. Below are some photos from the occasion. But, before we get to the final day, there’s the first photo, which was actually from the day before. That’s when I was bitten by an Argentinian dog. I was very worried about rabies until I researched the topic on Google and found that rabies is virtually non-existent in South America.

The second last photo shows me getting ready to dip my toe in the ocean, although some consider this still to be the River Platte at this point. The final photo is of the wonderful family that put us up that evening. Mauro and Laura and their kids were very hospitable. Both spoke excellent English (Laura was actually an English teacher) so we were able to converse perfectly over an evening of fine food and wine to celebrate me finishing my second full continent of the world run.


Tom reached the South Atlantic Ocean in Buenos Aires today, finishing his South American leg. Another continent he’s now run across!!!