Dec 9, 2015

I have recently been writing a series of articles for Azumio, the fitness and wellbeing app you can get on your smart phones. There are actually several apps, such as a heart rate monitor and one that measures the steps you take, to mention just two. You can read my latest article on

Azumio – Changing your running shoes

I was due to conclude my series of eight articles soon, but have been asked by Azumio to write a further eight articles after that. Once that’s done we’ll┬ádecide whether to continue further. It’s good to know Azumio appreciates the my writing.

Here’s another photo from the Icarus 12 hour race, taken by Tony Mangan. I’m looking a bit more tired by this stage, with a bloated belly from all the drinks I was having.


Icarus 12 Hour 2