Feb 11, 2013

Distance today = 50.09 km; Total distance = 16,349.30 km; Location = Cabanas – 41 03.347′ N, 04 06.063′ W; Start time = 0900, Finish time = 1703


My first day of snow in Europe so far!!! It wasn’t so bad, as most of the snow occurred overnight, and what fell during the day was very light. And I’ll tell you something for free – Spain isn’t lacking in hills.

We awoke to a white morning, which is always a bit daunting. There was still some snow falling when I set off, but it let up soon after. The cold tailwind obviously helped make the running easier.

There wasn’t much to see en route, other than the white fields, until I reached Segovia. This is an old Roman town with a very impressive aqueduct, which still in pretty good condition.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent heading north, out of town. The last 5 km was through a canyon on a very quiet and forested road. The trees and canyon walls shielded me from the wind, so it was relatively quiet and peaceful as the snow gently fell.