Feb 19, 2013

Distance today = 52.56 km; Total distance = 16,763.80 km; Location = Pamplona – 42 48.925′ N, 01 38.958′ W; Start time = 0854, Finish time = 1719


It was a cold start to the day, and it didn’t warm up too much throughout. But I was warm enough with my thermal gear and beanie on.

We had a minor drama early on, when Carmel accidentally input the wrong passcode three times on her phone, and it locked her out. Without communications, we are in serious trouble. A quick trip to the mobile phone shop sorted it all out, thankfully.

The day was very hilly, culminating in a small mountain pass that I crested mid afternoon. From there I could see the city of Pamplona down in the valley, with the snow-capped Pyrenees in the background – quite spectacular.

I finished the day strongly, and am now looking forward to seeing a bit of the city, sans the bulls roaming free.